What is Relationships Day?

Relationships Day was born from the idea that we all have many relationships worth celebrating, through our family, friends and the community. It was developed by Interrelate Family Centres and takes place each year on February 14th to coincide with Valentine’s Day.

Each year on Valentine’s Day we find that people can feel excluded and alone even though they have many relationships to celebrate and enjoy with their friends and family. The day can become a day of isolation, depression and bullying for many.

Some school children receive ‘anti-Valentine’s Day’ cards that do nothing but tease and bully them about their body image. This kind of bullying and exclusion can easily lead to depression or in some cases suicide, and it’s something that we can easily change.

What if there was a better way? A way for everyone to feel connected on Valentine’s Day?

Relationships Day is a chance for people to celebrate and acknowledge all the relationships in their lives and is a reminder that we are never alone.

This February 14th, make it more than romance. Make it all about relationships.


To celebrate Relationships Day in your own community, check out our resources for maintaining healthy relationships and staying connected.

Relationships Survey

Take the Relationships Survey to help us find out what factors are most common in relationship difficulties and what steps people would be willing to take to resolve the issues.