Looking for ideas to celebrate Relationships Day? These resources will help you to celebrate the day with your family and friends.

Ideas for celebrating Relationships Day

Remember that a relationship is a living thing – it only continues to grow and thrive while it is nurtured by the people in it. Why not try some of these ideas for staying connected on February 14th?

  • Organise a Relationships Day morning tea, lunch or afternoon tea
  • Hold a neighbourhood bbq
  • Organise a catch up with friends
  • Invite a neighbour over for a cup of tea
  • Call family or friends in another city
  • Tell someone how much you value your relationship with them
  • Reminisce with others about when you first met
  • Make a commitment to yourself to actively strengthen your relationships
  • Participate in a program to strengthen your relationships
  • Make some new friends by joining a group in your community – try sports, trivia, a craft class, bingo, dancing or volunteer.